Snap-Trak          The most secure stretch-fabric track design in the industry
What tools are required for Snap-Trak installation
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Guilford of Maine fabric for Snap-Trak
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For most installations (using 1/4" or 3/8"
profiles) no special tools are required.  
Here are the basic things needed:

 -  Air compressor (60 - 100 psi)
 -  Pneumatic stapler w/extended nose
 -  Hand cutter
 -  Curved, flat-metal tool
 -  Upholsterers regulator
 -  Quality scissors
 -  3M transfer tape

Additional details are available in the
Installation Guidelines" available as a
PDF file upon request.
Tools needed for Snap-Trak installation
All tools and items are
available upon request if
not readily available in
your area.