Snap-Trak          The most secure stretch-fabric track design in the industry
Snap-Trak by SoundNice
Snap-Trak is manufactured and sold by SoundNice, a dba of John Bubernak                                          Copyright ©  2015 by SoundNice
Hailed as "The Most Innovative Invention"
by the Boston Patent Law Association
when it was first patented, the proof is
now history with thousands of
applications worldwide and no known
field failures of fabric pulling out.

No other one-piece track grips the fabric
as firmly.  In fact, the tighter the pull, the
tighter the jaws clamp down.  Fabric can
be released by any installer for
replacement, but only when wanted.

Virtually all acoustical materials and
fabrics can be used.  Unparalleled  
customization in shape of panel section
and abutment to edges are attained.
patented Snap-Trak acoustical system
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