Snap-Trak          The most secure stretch-fabric track design in the industry
Stretch-fabric system by Snap-Trak
Snap-Trak is manufactured and sold by SoundNice, a dba of John Bubernak                                          Copyright ©  2015 by SoundNice
C.F. Stinson fabric for acoustics
Hundreds of first-timers have used
Snap-Trak successfully on their very
first project.  The concept is quite
simple:  Lay the track out in a desired
framework into which fabric will be
stretched.  An even tautness with no
need for piping or trim is easily

The walls in the room on the left were
all treated by a first-timer who loved the
entire process.  Download the
"installation Guidelines" for a primer,
available upon request.
Project of Snap-Trak fabric system
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